The APACT Village is a diverse and vibrant space where organizations and communities working in Asia Pacific region gather to inspire and to learn from each other about their works in tobacco control. It blends scientific sessions with communities and non-profit organizations booths, marketplace booths, networking zone, and art exhibits. It invites conference participants to see and experience how science and strong leaderships translate into community actions and interventions while providing opportunities for organizations to showcase their products and services to the world’s leading tobacco control professionals.
In The 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT12th), APACT Village intersects with the main conference, from 13-15 September 2018. It will be located in Paruman 1 Hall of the Hilton Bali Resort, Nusa Dua.
The APACT village is constructed from public applications that consist of diverse range of communities, individuals, organizations, international and government institutions for a variety of activities.
Organizations are invited to be part of the APACT Village by applying as paid exhibitor. Non-profit organizations with financial constraints can submit their APACT Village Activity Proposal.  Organization with accepted APACT Village Activity Proposal will have the opportunity to exhibit its tobacco control works to APACT12th international participants, policy makers, during APACT12th main conference (13-15 September 2018) without having to pay the exhibition rent fee.

Any additional costs that may occur in the production for the accepted proposal must be covered by the organization, which might include:
- Travel and accommodation for the exhibitor
- Any communication or production materials for the booth
- Any additional equipment for the booth: TV Plasma, extra or modified chairs and tables, extra electricity, printings, or modified booth installation with rent fee for exhibition space waiver.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) APACT Village
  1. What is APACT Village?
  2. What is APACT Village activity types?
  3. What would my organization get if my APACT Village proposal is accepted?
  4. Who will pay for my travel and accommodation if my application is accepted for the APACT Village?
  5. Who will pay for the production, set up and logistics cost if my application is accepted for the APACT Village?
  6. Can I access the main conference if my application is accepted for the APACT Village?
  7. How much space do I get for my activity at the APACT Village?
  8. What are the criteria for activity being selected at APACT Village?
  9. When is the notification of the APACT Village result?
  10. Where will the APACT Village be located?
  11. Who can submit the APACT Village activity proposal?