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There will be special sessions to be considered for submission to APACT12th. We recommend that you have initial contact with the proposed speakers before submitting the special session to determine availability.

A confirmation of submission will be emailed to chairperson(s) and speaker(s). Please make sure that you are entering the active email addresses of chairperson(s) and speaker(s). Every communication will be made through emails.

You can edit your submission online until the closing date. No changes can be made after the deadline. The online submission system will be closed at 31 January 2018, 11.59 midnight (GMT+7, Jakarta, Indonesia).

Full payment must be made within 30 days of approval. If no payment is received, time slot will be allocated to another session.

APACT12th “Tobacco Control for Sustainable Development: Ensuring A Healthy Generation” will be exploring four diverse tracks. Proposed sessions should be align with APACT12th tracks and sub-tracks, as presented below:

Track 1: Quantifying the Economics and Burden of Tobacco
A. Reveal the burden and its impact from tobacco use to economy, welfare, poverty, and inequality
B. Alternative solution for tobacco farming and employment towards sustainable development
C. Innovative and sustainable financing for tobacco control to induce healthy economic growth
Track 2: Good Governance in Tobacco Control
A. Implementing good governance in tobacco control towards global agenda
B. Understanding the new emerging electronic nicotine delivery system products (e-cigarette, vape, IQOS) to urge stronger policy
C. Disclose Big Tobacco power, tactics and interference on global agreements, litigation cases, and policy making processes to demand accountability and good governance
D. Synergize multi-sector and multi-national partnership for robust tobacco control actions to accelerate sustainable development
Track 3: Standing Up for Tobacco Control: Saving Lives, Saving the Planet
A. Recognize the power of youth in enhancing tobacco control policies
B. Articulating children and human right violations from tobacco production to consumption
C. Exposing environmental issues caused by tobacco cultivation, production, and consumption
D. Demand social justice for vulnerable population: gender based and indigenous population targeted by tobacco industry
Track 4: eMPOWERing Nations to Combat the Deadly Tobacco Epidemic
A. Refining Monitoring and evaluation system in tobacco production, distribution, and consumption
B. Enhancing the implementation of nationwide smoke free area to maximize Protection from second- and third- hand smoke
C. Offer help to achieve nicotine addiction free life by providing effective and efficient cessation and quit line services
D. Warn the people with impactful creative campaigns and cigarettes packaging to expose the ugly truth of tobacco use
E. Responding the challenge to Enforce tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) ban to protect youth and society from misleading information
F. Tax to fix: Raise tobacco price by reforming and maximizing tobacco taxation system to protect vulnerable population and the nation




Special Session

Closing date for submission:31 January 2018, 11.59 midnight (GMT+7, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Room capacity:There will be three types of room capacity
  1. Large room (up to 250 participants)
  2. Medium room (up to 160 participant)
  3. Small room (up to 80 participants)
Duration:90 minutes
Time allocation:Special session will be held on the main conference day, during core conference hours, in parallel with other special sessions.

  • Title of session should be informative and engaging

  • Briefly describe the session the session that includes objectives and expected outcomes

  • There should be 1-2 individuals serve as Chairperson(s). They are responsible for coordinating the session, communicating with speakers, submitting the session online, promptly liaising with APACT12th committee for any changes OR and in chairing the session

  • There should be a minimum of two and maximum of six speakers from a variety of countries/settings; A short biography must be submitted for each proposed speaker

  • Special sessions are reviewed by a minimum of two experts. Sessions are assessed based on objectives, relevance, presentation, utilization of evidence, geographical impact, and country representation

  • If the session is accepted, organiser must ensure funding availability for travel, accommodation and registration of all speakers and chairperson(s). Organizer also expected to liase and communicate with all speakers to ensure delivery of coherent session

  • If proposed speaker become unavailable, organiser must provide name and contact information of an alternative speaker


  • Large room (up to 250 participants): USD 15,000
  • Medium room (up to 160 participants): USD 12,500
  • Small room (up to 80 participants): USD 10,000