Tobacco control has tried to help our society in the past decades to live in a better world, where people are less burdened by the tobacco use. Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health (APACT) has served as the flagship conference for tobacco control society in the region. It continues to bring together advocates, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and other professionals from around the globe, to discuss the latest findings and innovations in this vigorous field. Strategies and approaches in tobacco control area are progressing and exploring new horizons.

The 12th APACT - Indonesia is no exception. With the theme of “Tobacco Control for Sustainable Development Goals: Ensuring a Healthy Generation”, we will highlight and discuss the fundamental aspects of strong implementation of tobacco control to achieve the global agenda of Sustainable Development Goals and to protect the young generation.

In addition to the stimulating program of the conference, the Bali Island is an unforgettable place to visit. I do hope that you will enjoy the exotic and vibrant atmosphere of Indonesia through Bali Island and the surrounding area, be captivated by its breath-taking beautiful landscapes, interesting cultures, diverse cuisines, and well-known hospitalities.

It is with great honor, I welcome you to the 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health. Hopefully, you will find the conference stimulating, impactful and enjoyable.

Thank you for your support and attendance, I wish you a pleasant and enjoyable experience in Indonesia.


Arifin Panigoro
Chairperson, APACT12th - Indonesia